How to Check Kubernetes Cluster Health Status? (Easy Method)

How to Check Kubernetes Cluster Health Status

In this article, I will show you how you can check Kubernetes cluster health status.

Here are the following ways you can use it.

  • Check cluster API health
  • Check Node status
  • Check cluster pod status

Kubernetes Cluster Health Check Command

To check the health of the API endpoint, use the following command:

kubectl get --raw='/readyz?verbose'
Kubernetes Cluster Health Check Command

Now within the cluster, you can use the following command:

curl -k https://localhost:6443/livez?verbose

Additionally, there is a deprecated command for component status that is still functional in the newest release.

kubectl get cs

Kubernetes Node Status Command

Use the below kubectl nodes command to get the status:

kubectl get nodes
kubectl nodes command

Use the following kubectl command to get the status and details of a Kubernetes node in detail.

kubectl describe nodes

How To Check Cluster Pod Status?

Check the status of every cluster pod listed using the kube-system namespace.

Cluster Pod Status
kubectl get po -n kube-system

Final Thoughts Kubernetes Cluster Health Status

In order to make sure the Kubernetes cluster is operating smoothly, it is important to regularly verify the cluster status using several methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my Kubernetes cluster performance?

To check Kubernetes cluster performance, look at the containers, pods, services, & general cluster characteristics, you may help in the performance of an application in a Kubernetes cluster. Each of these tiers of resources used by an application is thoroughly described by Kubernetes.

What is the command to check node health in Kubernetes?

To check the node health in Kubernetes, you can use the following command: kubectl get nodes.

What is the status code for the Kubernetes health check?

Kubernetes health checks have 3 possible statuses: Success (typically indicated by HTTP 200), Failure (indicated by a non-2xx HTTP status code), and Unknown (when the status cannot be determined). The specific status code used depends on the application’s configuration and needs.

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